Since office fit-outs and renovations call for a variety of tasks and crews, it is imperative to keep these projects highly organised throughout their duration. On top of this, you want these projects to finish at the allotted time so that they do not interrupt your daily schedule any longer than necessary. One of the most effective ways for the contracting company to keep organised and complete the projects according to the agreement with you is by adhering to a scheduled timeline. We discuss the importance of this in the following facts.

A Scheduled Timeline Helps Work Crews Perform Tasks in the Proper Order

Many times, the crews must perform certain tasks before other ones. This timeline helps ensure that they perform them in the correct order, so no backtracking will be necessary. For example, they might need to install new wiring before the ceiling can be set into place.

Certain Crews Must Work When Other Crews Are Not On-Site

While many of the crews can work simultaneously on their separate tasks, there are certain crews that must perform their tasks when other crews are not on-site. Installation of flooring is one of these tasks. Another example is when painting is taking place.

Timelines Help the Contracting Company Stay on Time and Within the Budget

A contracting company also should use a scheduled timeline to stay on time with the project. When projects run over the contractual completion date, there are additional fees, expenses and even wages that cost the company and cost you additional funds. Also, your profitability may take a dive when the project runs beyond the completion date and exceeds your budget, especially if the project causes you to totally halt all operations.

An Example of a Scheduled Timeline

To help you visualise what a scheduled timeline is, we provide the following example:

1. Scope out site
2. Perform all preliminary work
3. Demolition tasks when necessary
4. Repairs on existing structure
5. Perform fit-out or renovation tasks
6. Preliminary clean-up to ready the office for the next step
7. Install fixtures, office machines, furniture and other furnishings
8. Final clean-up
9. Inspection to ensure that there are no issues
10. Completion and handover

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