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CAE Australia is a Canadian company that required a new office space in Australia. Macwood group was contacted and met with CAE to discuss their fit-out requirements to start the process of drafting up plans. Macwood Group completed the plans after working with CAE for their staff workstations, meeting rooms, comms rooms and breakout rooms for their 200 + Staff. The fit-out included making the new office compliant for Australian std’s and also working with the Canadian head office to make the fit-out comply with CAE’s global fit-out guides. This building for the fit-out had some challenges with being heritage listed which required a lot of work with the local council for the permits and approvals. CAE had a set date for the fit-out completion with penalties from the previous landlord in their lease agreement. Macwood group was able to meet this time frame with 200 + staff leaving from work on a Friday afternoon and working into a new building on Monday morning set up ready to go.

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