Experience a strong positive impact on your business by installing a feature wall in your office suite. Whether you choose key wall space in your office reception area, large conference room or individual office space, a well-designed, engaging feature wall design that depicts your brand’s theme, intent or major focus can be an outstanding visual marketing tool. Even a new client or recent business associate who visits your company offices will realize the major concept, focus, intent and goals of your enterprise.

Visual presentation is extremely powerful. If it is significantly strong and meaningful, it can create lasting positive impressions about your business in the minds of all who enter your company headquarters. Tasteful and stylish feature walls in business offices today are like chic, sophisticated interior billboards that announce, enhance and celebrate all the major products, services and innovative features of your company brand.

Effective Feature Wall Ideas and Options for Modern Office Interiors

Popular and effective feature wall ideas with creative options to enhance and empower contemporary office interior decor today include the following:

Panoramic Scenic Views. – If you own a busy travel agency that books and promotes international travel destinations and luxury excursions, your business may gain benefits by installing a feature wall that enlivens your office interiors with an expansive scenic view. Whether you choose a stunning oceanside, mountaintop or aerial view of a beautiful luxury destination amidst nature’s amazing, colourful grandeur, this mesmerizing scene will undoubtedly engage your clients and business guests. They will want to learn more about all that your brand offers and how they can become more active and involved as your clients or business associates.

Vintage Cars or Equipment. – If you own an automobile dealership, you may want the design of your corporate offices to include a feature wall displaying captivating images of vintage and modern cars that accent their varied designs and popular models. If your business distributes digital equipment and accessories, you will most likely gain attention and new customers by displaying a product-related feature wall showing images and functions of your most popular items and models. You can add video and streaming audio or text to your wall as well, updating these additions whenever needed.

Urban Brick Wall with Graffiti. – If you are head of an urban renewal enterprise or a foundation that funds inner city school arts programs, you may favor an office feature wall painted to depict a weather-worn, urban exterior brick wall inscribed with creative graffiti. You clients and visitors will feel the strong impact of your commitment to your foundation’s purpose as soon as they enter the premises, and this first powerful visual encounter can be very effective in gaining new interest and support for your many valuable projects. You can also have your feature wall designer add new graffiti whenever a new word, phrase or sound bite of popular slang comes into everyday verbal use.

When you contact the office fitout specialists at the Macwood Group, located in Bayswater, Victoria, you will receive expert advice, designs, creative craftsmanship and installation of your brand-related feature wall in your business offices. This new dynamic and highly visual presentation that emphasizes and promotes your brand, its primary products and varied services will positively impact your enterprise, bringing your company brand greater visibility and rapidly increasing rates of success.