Design planning is a breeze when your office has unlimited space but is trickier when your office is a small one. The trick is to make your small office look as if it is more spacious than it actually is. With the right knowledge, you can accomplish this in an eye-catching and a functional manner that will impress all who enter the office. That is why we are here to provide you with some effective office design ideas in the following details to help you make your small office look larger.

Turn to an Open Office Layout

In an open layout, your office will have only a minimal amount of walls or partitions to section the area off into different departments. Today, many offices do away with the department divisions to better utilise their available space.

Replace Desks and/or Workstations with Simple Tables and Chairs

Instead of bulky desks and/or workstations, install simple tables and chairs to serve the same purpose. These can allow one employee or a group of employees to work at them depending upon your need and the size of the tables.

Include Sufficient Storage to Do Away with Clutter

Another necessity to ensure that you provide your small office with a spacious appearance is the inclusion of effective storage options. Clutter can use up valuable space and make even a large office look cramped, let alone a small one. Also, if your employees have to deal with clutter each day, their productivity may suffer. In the event that you do not have adequate floor space for storage units, install shelving and cubby holes on the walls.

Light Flooring Helps Create the Illusion of More Space

Another way to create the illusion of more space in your office is by installing a light-coloured flooring in it. Whether you select a carpeting, wood, laminate, vinyl, stone or ceramic option make sure it is in the lighter shades of white, pale gray, pale blue or pale green just for some examples.

Keep the Furniture in the Waiting Area Minimalist in Nature

Do not forget to keep the furniture in the waiting area plain and simple instead of heavy and bulky. This will ensure that this area feels a bit less crowded and more spacious.

Include the Latest in Lighting Options

Not only are the latest in lighting options more energy efficient, but they also illuminate the office area efficiently. When an office area is dark, it appears smaller that it truly is, whereas, sufficient lighting helps to visually trick the eyes into thinking that the area is larger than its actual size.

For further office planning ideas to make your small office look bigger, consult with Macwood Group. We will work with you to design, create and install the ideal office fitout for you that provides the illusion of spaciousness for your limited space.