Whether you are setting up a new retail store or refurbishing an existing one, you will need to have the ideal fitout to ensure that it attracts customers effectively. After all, if the customers do not feel comfortable shopping in your establishment, they will visit only once. When this occurs, your business has no way to grow to its maximum profitability. We offer a list of important things to keep in mind as you are deciding on the right fitout for your retail store in the following information.

1. Decide on the Layout

The first decision for you to make is the type of layout that is the most effective for your store. Grid floor plans are ideal for such retail establishments as grocery stores, hardware stores and pharmacies. It involves rows of shelves with aisle space in between them. Clothing stores typically use a loop floor plan since it guides customers around the perimeter of the store as well as the center. High-end boutiques, though, often prefer a free-flow floor plan to highlight their merchandise. It this layout, clothing displays are scattered at random throughout the store but in an attractive fashion.

2. Your Aisles Should Be Provide Easy Navigation

If your layout is the loop or grid one, you need to be certain that your aisles are wide enough for easy navigation. In fact, two customers should be able to pass each other without bumping into each other. Even with a free-flow floor plan, you should space the displays in such a way as to allow for walking space in between them.

3. Your Décor Should Promote Your Brand Attractively

Your colour scheme and other décor elements need to promote your brand in an effective, attractive manner. Neutral colours are more relaxing, but you can add bright accent colours to draw attention to various parts of the store when desirable.

4. Install Sufficient Lighting Throughout the Store

Often times, store owners will overlook the importance of installing sufficient lighting throughout their store. They become too caught up in mood lighting and forget that customers appreciate stores that illuminate properly, so that they can not only see to navigate but also to read merchandise labels clearly.

5. Add the Latest in Technology Whenever Possible

Another addition to your fitout should be the latest in display and other technologies. One example of this is interactive screens to deliver information to customers effectively without the need of assistance.

For further facts about the important things to keep in mind when performing a retail store fitout project, consult with Macwood Group. We specialise in these fitouts as well as ones for offices. On top of that, we offer expert joinery and durable partition systems.