Creating Good Impressions with Feature Walls for Offices

Decorating an office to make a good impression on all who enter is a daunting task at best. You must blend colours, furnishings, accessories, lighting and other elements in a complementary fashion to accomplish this goal. One element that is useful to create a favourable impression on people that is often overlooked is a feature or accent wall. The secret to this is to understand how to create it in the right manner to capture people’s attention.

Choose the Right Wall

Selecting the right wall for a feature wall is top on the list for making a great impression on people. It can be the first wall a person will notice as they enter the office space. Another idea is to select a wall that helps partially divide the area when there is a large doorway involved.

Be Certain That the Area Is Large Enough for an Accent Wall

It is difficult to place a feature wall that will look right in a limited space. When you try to do this, it may have the opposite effect than the one that you desire.

Decorate the Accent Wall Using Your Choice of Finishes, Accessories and/or Materials

You can decorate the accent wall with your choice of finishes, accessories and/ or materials. You can select paint, wallpaper, picture arrangements, murals, stone, brick, wood, mirror, clocks and more. Just make sure not to fill the wall with too many elements or you will create a cluttered effect instead of an attractive one.

Select a Complementary Colour That Blends Well with the Other Room or Office Décor 

Whichever way that you select to decorate your accent wall, be certain that its base colour complements the other office décor. This is highly important since clashing colours create a disappointing ambiance instead of one to celebrate.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Over the Top

Creating a feature wall that makes a good impression on people does not mean that you have to play it safe. You can go bold and over the top with the wall as long as you do so in the right manner.

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