At the Macwood Group, we have specialised in helping our customers turn their offices into the place of business that they have always dreamed of. Typically, we help our clients to completely change their office from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between. While much attention is paid to renovations and furniture, more attention should be paid to the type of floor covering that is implemented. In fact, the choice of floor covering that you pick for your office can completely change the mood of the room. Today, we are going to look at a few of the top flooring options around as well as why they can be of benefit to you and your workspace.

Picking the Right Flooring for Your Office

Alright, when you sit down and sketch out your perfect office, what do you see? You’ll likely spend a ton of time picking out the right furniture and desk as well as the colour of the walls but how much time did you spend considering the floor? Your floor sets the tone and it sets the mood for everything that happens in the room. Here are our favourite flooring options for usage inside of an office as well as why we think they fit the bill.

A) Carpet:
With carpet, you can immediately warm up a room and lean into the comforting aspect of the emotional spectrum. With carpeted flooring, you have a flexible choice between colours as well as the added benefit of affordability, ease-of-installation, and even noise insulation. Carpets ARE tough to clean in comparison to some of our other options, so keep that in mind.

B) Hardwood: Nothing says ‘professional’ quite the same as a classic hardwood floor. Hardwood flooring is perfect when you want to present yourself as an elegant, classy, and presentable office. Hardwood is durable as well as easy to clean but you do have to be aware of the maintenance involved. Hardwood flooring has more upkeep and is more expensive than something like carpet or one of our following options.

C) Laminate:
If you don’t want to go for hardwood but you still want something classic looking then laminate is your choice. Laminate is easy to install, affordable, and extremely durable. Laminate is as flexible in terms of options as carpet.

D) Vinyl: Finally, we look to vinyl flooring. Vinyl is great for any high-traffic office. Vinyl is incredibly durable and easy to clean.

With our attention to detail and long track-record of success, Macwood Group is the only company you need in order to get your office remodeled for business.