Shop-fitting to Maximise Your Small Business Space

When it comes time to improving business spaces, most people believe that bigger always equates to better. For certain businesses a spacious office space isn’t exactly ideal, because certain areas are not meant for the whole of the working masses. This doesn’t mean, however, that a small working area need be something that becomes detrimental to your company’s overall capacity to work. In fact, there are a lot of ways to maximise your working space even if you’re given far too little space to work with.

Here are a few tips that can help you increase your small workspace workability without having to sacrifice functionality.

Workspace Innovations: Getting the Best out of Small Working Spaces

Small office spaces and cubicles have become one of the most popular forms of working space of late, especially with the ever-growing necessity of desk jobs. While cubicles and other small work areas function well enough as workspaces, they are far from ideal and may even be troublesome or burdensome, especially with regards to organisation or freedom of movement.

One great way to maximise your limited working space is to employ removable storage solutions. Whether it’s a handy stack-up mini drawer or a pair of lightweight, easily moveable shelves, less clutter means more space to work to with.

Redesigning Workspaces for Efficiency

Redesigning limited workspaces for the utmost in ergonomic efficiency is also a great way to improve workflow, and smaller work spaces can be constructed with comfort in mind. Favouring hidden storage compartments for documents and other office tools, and opting for a minimalist feel with regards to an overall thematic scheme, may also help maximise a given space. Avoiding clutter and unnecessary encumbrances is the key to truly maximising the functionality of your workspace.

It may seem difficult to achieve all of this on your own, but you don’t have too because there are professional shopfitters available that can save you time and money maximising your small business space. Thankfully, there is an expert shopfitter in Victoria that can help you achieve your design goals.

Here at Macwood Group, we offer only the best and most reliable renovation and shopfitting services by highly experienced professional tradesmen in Victoria! If you need a revamp for your small, unsightly workspace, give us a call.

To learn more about our company’s services and to help give you the best visual ideas, please feel free to browse our gallery of amazing office fitouts and other projects.

Decorative echo panels mounted on the walls of your office spaces can do wonders to reduce unwanted noise and sound congestion while clarifying valuable conversations with your clients or conference presentations and removing excess noise distractions from your everyday work environment. Today’s advanced acoustic panels are designed to absorb mid-range to high frequencies from voices, heating and cooling systems, office equipment and necessary worker movement and interaction within your office interiors. Modern sound-reduction paneling is currently available in a variety of ready-made designs and materials, or as custom-made office accessories. After an acoustic specialist performs careful room analysis of your office spaces, the ideal echo panels will be recommended for use in the active rooms of your commercial enterprise.

Major Benefits of Selecting Decorative Echo Panels for Use in Your Office Spaces 

The primary advantages and benefits of choosing decorative echo paneling for use in your current office interiors include the following:

• You and Your Company Brand Will Maintain Major Focus. – With effective acoustic paneling placed on the walls of your office interior spaces, you, your staff members and your company brand will claim and maintain the major point of focus in your office environment. With unnecessary noise reduced to minimal levels or completely eliminated, your entire staff will become more focused and productive while you and your clients can give full attention to your brand and its most valuable features and advantages.

• Panels Are Easily Hung and Re-positioned for Optimal Sound Control. – Anyone on your office staff can hang or re-position these lightweight, but highly effective sound reduction panels on the walls where needed to control noise levels or sound congestion. Since office sound levels in different areas of your business can vary greatly with varied volumes of activity during different seasons of production, marketing, promotion, sales and other functions of your enterprise, you may need to move these panels from time to time. By re-positioning your echo panels to the busiest office areas during each cycle of your business activity, you can successfully control noise levels and reduce high volumes of sound that can interfere with worker’s concentration and productivity. Your visiting business associates and clients will praise your decision to use these acoustic panels to improve the quality of your business environment.

• Panels are Eco-Friendly and Made of Recycled Materials. – The most advanced models of these innovative sound control panels are constructed of materials like cellulose and recycled cotton or other fabric. All materials used to manufacture these acoustic absorbing office aids are environmentally safe and biodegradable while providing excellent noise control and sound level reduction. As hanging decoration on your office walls, these acoustic control panels can be designed to complement and enhance your overall office decor.

When you contact the Macwood Group, based in Bayswater, VIC and serving Melbourne and all surrounding regions, you will receive a unique, customized approach to controlling loud noises and excessive or congested sound levels of activity in your office interiors. These office fitout specialists have the professional experience and expertise to recommend the very best type of quality echo paneling to provide excellent acoustic reduction and control to enhance your entire business environment and operations for higher levels of productivity and success.

Experience a strong positive impact on your business by installing a feature wall in your office suite. Whether you choose key wall space in your office reception area, large conference room or individual office space, a well-designed, engaging feature wall design that depicts your brand’s theme, intent or major focus can be an outstanding visual marketing tool. Even a new client or recent business associate who visits your company offices will realize the major concept, focus, intent and goals of your enterprise.

Visual presentation is extremely powerful. If it is significantly strong and meaningful, it can create lasting positive impressions about your business in the minds of all who enter your company headquarters. Tasteful and stylish feature walls in business offices today are like chic, sophisticated interior billboards that announce, enhance and celebrate all the major products, services and innovative features of your company brand.

Effective Feature Wall Ideas and Options for Modern Office Interiors

Popular and effective feature wall ideas with creative options to enhance and empower contemporary office interior decor today include the following:

Panoramic Scenic Views. – If you own a busy travel agency that books and promotes international travel destinations and luxury excursions, your business may gain benefits by installing a feature wall that enlivens your office interiors with an expansive scenic view. Whether you choose a stunning oceanside, mountaintop or aerial view of a beautiful luxury destination amidst nature’s amazing, colourful grandeur, this mesmerizing scene will undoubtedly engage your clients and business guests. They will want to learn more about all that your brand offers and how they can become more active and involved as your clients or business associates.

Vintage Cars or Equipment. – If you own an automobile dealership, you may want the design of your corporate offices to include a feature wall displaying captivating images of vintage and modern cars that accent their varied designs and popular models. If your business distributes digital equipment and accessories, you will most likely gain attention and new customers by displaying a product-related feature wall showing images and functions of your most popular items and models. You can add video and streaming audio or text to your wall as well, updating these additions whenever needed.

Urban Brick Wall with Graffiti. – If you are head of an urban renewal enterprise or a foundation that funds inner city school arts programs, you may favor an office feature wall painted to depict a weather-worn, urban exterior brick wall inscribed with creative graffiti. You clients and visitors will feel the strong impact of your commitment to your foundation’s purpose as soon as they enter the premises, and this first powerful visual encounter can be very effective in gaining new interest and support for your many valuable projects. You can also have your feature wall designer add new graffiti whenever a new word, phrase or sound bite of popular slang comes into everyday verbal use.

When you contact the office fitout specialists at the Macwood Group, located in Bayswater, Victoria, you will receive expert advice, designs, creative craftsmanship and installation of your brand-related feature wall in your business offices. This new dynamic and highly visual presentation that emphasizes and promotes your brand, its primary products and varied services will positively impact your enterprise, bringing your company brand greater visibility and rapidly increasing rates of success.

At the Macwood Group, we have specialised in helping our customers turn their offices into the place of business that they have always dreamed of. Typically, we help our clients to completely change their office from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between. While much attention is paid to renovations and furniture, more attention should be paid to the type of floor covering that is implemented. In fact, the choice of floor covering that you pick for your office can completely change the mood of the room. Today, we are going to look at a few of the top flooring options around as well as why they can be of benefit to you and your workspace.

Picking the Right Flooring for Your Office

Alright, when you sit down and sketch out your perfect office, what do you see? You’ll likely spend a ton of time picking out the right furniture and desk as well as the colour of the walls but how much time did you spend considering the floor? Your floor sets the tone and it sets the mood for everything that happens in the room. Here are our favourite flooring options for usage inside of an office as well as why we think they fit the bill.

A) Carpet:
With carpet, you can immediately warm up a room and lean into the comforting aspect of the emotional spectrum. With carpeted flooring, you have a flexible choice between colours as well as the added benefit of affordability, ease-of-installation, and even noise insulation. Carpets ARE tough to clean in comparison to some of our other options, so keep that in mind.

B) Hardwood: Nothing says ‘professional’ quite the same as a classic hardwood floor. Hardwood flooring is perfect when you want to present yourself as an elegant, classy, and presentable office. Hardwood is durable as well as easy to clean but you do have to be aware of the maintenance involved. Hardwood flooring has more upkeep and is more expensive than something like carpet or one of our following options.

C) Laminate:
If you don’t want to go for hardwood but you still want something classic looking then laminate is your choice. Laminate is easy to install, affordable, and extremely durable. Laminate is as flexible in terms of options as carpet.

D) Vinyl: Finally, we look to vinyl flooring. Vinyl is great for any high-traffic office. Vinyl is incredibly durable and easy to clean.

With our attention to detail and long track-record of success, Macwood Group is the only company you need in order to get your office remodeled for business.

As time passes, busy office spaces can easily begin to ‘burst’ at the seams, and available space becomes harder to find, especially in smaller offices. When this becomes the case, productivity suffers and something needs to be done – relocate the office, expand, or redesign the layout to maximise space.

While businesses grow and take on new staff, often times space to accommodate growth is hard to find, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that an office needs to relocate. In fact, most of the time, simply redesigning an office to be more ‘spacious’ and efficient is the best solution. Ideally, an office fit out can produce the best results. Here are some helpful tips for maximising your office layout space.

Maximise Your Office Layout Space With These Helpful Tips

If you need more space in your office, and you aren’t sure where to start or how to go about freeing up space, then you will surely get some great ideas from these tips below:

Examine your current office layout –
before you start looking at ways to free up space, it is necessary to consider how you currently use the space you have. In fact, simply changing or moving furniture, tables, chairs, desks, or office equipment around could help free up space where needed. Basically, clear a way and provide more access to areas of the office that get the most traffic.

However, consulting with office fit out professionals is advised before you invest any considerable amount of money into redesigning your office space.

Prioritise furnishings and storage spaces – prioritise only the furniture and equipment your office actually needs and uses. Removing what is not absolutely needed will definitely help to free up space, so will defining or relocating storage space that is not accessed daily. Sometimes, offices have files, equipment, and other items that are being stored in the same area where daily work is being conducted. The best solution is to find a place for storage outside of the hustle and bustle of the office.

Walls and doors can get in the way – when businesses grow, it is common that the initial layout of office spaces ceases to serve its purpose effectively, and walls and doors need to be removed or relocated to accommodate current needs. The best solution is to hire an office fit out expert. They can help show you the possibilities of removing walls to create a larger working area.

Effectively maximising office layout space takes understanding about how you use space, some creativity, strategic storage planning, and experience, that is why office fit out specialists are in demand.

By incorporating hi-tech audio visuals in your office fit-out design, you will gain the keen attention of all your customers. Even visitors to your store who only stopped in to browse for a few minutes during their lunch hour or after work before they go home, will take time to watch these advanced video displays. Because they are part of your innovative fit-out and work well to enhance and vitalize your store’s interior ambiance and decorative allure, these updated active media displays and product promotional aids will attract increasingly greater numbers of new visitors to your business premises.

Of course, whenever you gain new visitors, you have drawn the attentions of potential new customers and possibly ongoing clients for your enterprise. Hi-tech audio visuals in your showroom or strategically placed among your store merchandise may bring outstanding improvements in your customer base numbers, product sales and profit levels.

How Including Hi-Tech Audio Visuals in Your Office Fit-Out Design Can Boost Your Client Base and Business Profits

When you include well-placed, hi-tech audio visuals in your new office fit-out design, these advanced media additions to your showroom or store can improve your business client base and profit levels in the following ways:

• Your Target Market Will Increase. – These attractive audio visuals that explain and showcase your company products and services will delight your current client base and rapidly increase its numbers. Word will spread about your advanced, sophisticated and compelling new visual business displays. As more people who already have an interest in your type of company and products visit your store, many will become new and loyal clients, largely due to your clever and captivating new audio visual attractions.

• Your Current Customers Will Buy More Products. – Because of the ingenious and appealing ways in which your featured products and services appear in your audio visual presentations, your regular customers will naturally take a greater interest in your business offerings, ultimately spending more time and money in your store. Your product showroom will be filled with people engrossed in watching these new updated visuals. Your occasional buyers will soon become tried and true, loyal customers for your business, boosting the numbers in your steady, reliable client base.

• You will Gain New Customers for Your Brand. – Since your company brand is displayed and celebrated on screen in such attractive and appealing ways, even people passing by on the street will catch sight of your intriguing audio visual displays through the windows of your store. Enchanted, they will come into your establishment, take their time observing your sophisticated, cunning audio visuals and most likely make their initial purchases of featured items of your brand. Now you have new customers and an enthusiastic, ever-increasing clientele for greater sales conversion numbers and higher profits.

By consulting the expert company fit-out specialists at Macwood Group in Bayswater, VIC, you will receive top quality advice, designs, furnishings and equipment for your updated, sophisticated shopfitting services. This fine team of professionals will provide you with the ideal combination of new store layout, furnishings, accessories and decor to boost your company’s overall appeal and ongoing persona. By providing you with top-tier, ingenious, hi-tech audio visuals to enhance and emphasize the best attributes of your brand, its products and services, this premier fit-out specialist team will enable your business visibility and standing to soar to new heights of credibility and profitability rapidly and effectively to ensure your company’s optimal business success.

Office interior design and fitout is crucial for the functionality of the area, especially when it comes to the furniture that you choose to install in it. Whether the furniture will be in the reception area or work area, it should be comfortable, durable and attractive. You employees deserve pleasant surroundings to work in and the furniture should help them perform their duties in a non-fatiguing manner. Also, your visitors will not mind waiting for their appointments as much when you provide comfortable, eye-catching furniture for them to sit on in the waiting area. For further facts about the importance of selecting the right furniture, refer to the following facts.

Work Desks and Tables Should Be the Right Height

Your work desks and tables should be of a height that allows your employees to perform their duties without hunching over or reaching up when they are in a seated position. Both will cause unnecessary fatigue. Some offices are even turning to adjustable-height desks that allow the employees to stand as they work instead of sitting.

Desk Chairs Need to Be Ergonomic and Adjustable

The desk chairs in your office need to be ergonomic in design in order to be comfortable for your employees. Also, they should adjust to allow the employees’ preferences. After all, your employees spend many hours each week in their desk chairs working on their various tasks. If they are uncomfortable, they cannot be as productive as possible.

Furniture in the Reception Area Should Be Eye-Catching, Stylish and Comfortable

Your reception area provides the first impression of your office to your visitors. For this reason, you need to be certain that the furniture in this area is eye-catching, stylish and comfortable. Through doing this, your visitors will know that you care about what they think, and this will encourage them to do business with you.

All of Your Furniture Needs to Be Durable

Regardless of the type of furniture that you install in your office, all of the pieces of it need to be highly durable. Since furnishing your office is a major investment for your company, you deserve to receive a high return on your investment by being able to use the pieces for years.

For additional information about the importance of choosing the right furniture as part of your office interior design and fitout, consult with Macwood Group. We specialise in shopfitting, office fitouts, partition systems and joinery. Our company has more than 20 years of experience in this field, and it shows with the quality of our workmanship, products and materials.

When companies refurbish their office area, they often overlook how effective office partitioning can be to separate one area from the other in an attractive, functional fashion. Think of partitions as lightweight walls. They come in different versions to suit a wide range of needs and preferences. We offer some tips in achieving a well-designed space for employees with the use of partitions and the benefits of doing so in the following facts.

Rely on a Reputable Company for Your Partitioning Needs

Hire only a reputable company to install your partitioning needs and other features in your office renovation. You will receive quality products and workmanship by taking this action. Always do research into a fitout company’s reputation before you hire one if you have never used one previously. 

Decide on How Many Separate Sections That You Require for Your Office

The first decision to make with partitions is how many separate sections you require for your specific office. If you have limited space and staff, you may only need two or three sections. However, when you have a large office area, you may require four to nine sections or even more. Once you decide this, you can figure out how many partitions are needed to accomplish the necessary sections.

Does Glazed or Plaster Partitions Best Suit Your Needs and Preferences?

After you decide how many sections and partitions that you require for your office refurbishment, you need to choose between plaster and glazed partitions. If privacy is a main goal, you need the plaster versions since they act like traditional walls and block out the view of the rest of the office. When you want an airier look, feel and are not concerned with privacy, the glazed options will fit your needs in an ideal fashion since they are of glass instead of plaster. Also, you can select from clear, frosted or a combination of both with the glazed options for partitions.

Advantages of Using Office Partitioning to Create a Well-Designed Space for Employees

You will reap the following benefits when you turn to office partitions to design your office space in an efficient manner:

• Flexibility in layout options
• Aesthetic appeal
• Save on remodeling costs in comparison to the cost of traditional studded walls
• Increase employee privacy with the plaster partitions
• Create a highly modern office with glazed partitions

For further information and tips about achieving a well-designed space for employees through the use of office partitioning, contact Macwood Group. We specialise in plaster and glazed partitions as well as complete fitout services from design to completion.

When your office is set up in the right manner, it helps to project a positive company image, and it also will increase your employees’ productivity level. Whether you need a new office fitout from the ground up or a refurbishment of your present one, you may have a concern about the cost of the project. You can avoid exceeding your budget, though, if you keep the following practical saving tips in mind.

Hire a Professional Office Fitout Company

First step to saving money with your office fitout is to hire a professional company to perform it. The company should offer all of the services necessary for the fitout, including design and custom joinery ones along with hiring all subcontractors, performing the final installation and adding the finishing touches.

Make an All-Inclusive Plan

Ensure that the design team from the above company creates an all-inclusive plan for your fitout. The plan should include every detail of your fitout, regardless of its size or function. This prevents redoing part of the project, which can add to the cost of it.

Plan for Functional Elements and Layout First

Functional features and the layout for your office need to be priorities with your planning. After all, they are what will improve the work flow in the office to increase productivity. On top of this, an open office design typically costs less than one with partitions and/or workstations.

Keep Wall Décor Simple and Eye-Catching

Instead of elaborate wall décor, keep it simple and eye-catching. Your décor elements do not need to be expensive and complex to be attractive, appealing and effective at promoting your brand. In fact, sometimes less is more when it comes to this part of your office fitout.

Decorating an office to make a good impression on all who enter is a daunting task at best. You must blend colours, furnishings, accessories, lighting and other elements in a complementary fashion to accomplish this goal. One element that is useful to create a favourable impression on people that is often overlooked is a feature or accent wall. The secret to this is to understand how to create it in the right manner to capture people’s attention.

Choose the Right Wall

Selecting the right wall for a feature wall is top on the list for making a great impression on people. It can be the first wall a person will notice as they enter the office space. Another idea is to select a wall that helps partially divide the area when there is a large doorway involved.

Be Certain That the Area Is Large Enough for an Accent Wall

It is difficult to place a feature wall that will look right in a limited space. When you try to do this, it may have the opposite effect than the one that you desire.

Decorate the Accent Wall Using Your Choice of Finishes, Accessories and/or Materials

You can decorate the accent wall with your choice of finishes, accessories and/ or materials. You can select paint, wallpaper, picture arrangements, murals, stone, brick, wood, mirror, clocks and more. Just make sure not to fill the wall with too many elements or you will create a cluttered effect instead of an attractive one.

Select a Complementary Colour That Blends Well with the Other Room or Office Décor 

Whichever way that you select to decorate your accent wall, be certain that its base colour complements the other office décor. This is highly important since clashing colours create a disappointing ambiance instead of one to celebrate.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Over the Top

Creating a feature wall that makes a good impression on people does not mean that you have to play it safe. You can go bold and over the top with the wall as long as you do so in the right manner.

Let our company, Macwood Group, help you design and create the ideal feature wall for your office. We specialise in all aspects of an office fitout. First, we meet with you to design a plan for your project and then, we construct all necessary parts and elements. Also, we perform the entire project to completion. If you need a refurbishment at one point, this is another one of our specialties. With years of experience in this industry, our results will exceed all of your expectations.