2018 Office Design Trends to Watch Out For

Office design and decor trends for 2018 are moving toward more open-concept office interiors and more relaxed and even theme-based meeting and collaborating rooms. Especially in young, innovative businesses, company leaders and employees are experimenting with the different results in productivity and worker attitudes relative to changes and updates in the interior design and decor of office spaces. Especially when collaborative projects are underway that must have the input of a variety of staff members, many business leaders and managers discover that open-concept areas for these group projects have a significantly beneficial influence on the overall progress and end results of such projects.

Outstanding Office Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Major trends in office design and decor to look for during 2018 include the following:

• Open Spaces for Company Staff Collaboration. – A modern office interior with some large, open-concept areas can be very conducive to comfortable and productive staff member collaboration on business projects. Wide open spaces encourage broader, more inclusive thinking and reasoning by employees, which can strengthen project focal points and goals. This type of thought and pursuit also allows for more creative, unique ideas and methods to grow and flourish as staff members become more aware of one another’s strengths, talents and areas of expertise, all of which contribute to the overall purpose of completing each project in an innovative yet highly professional way.

• Unique Mixture of Decor Materials.
– A popular trend in contemporary office design is the mixture of varied decor materials. Although in past years, one primary material was featured as the main element of design, many different materials are acceptable for use today. It will not be unusual during 2018 to encounter office interiors that combine varied types of timber, tiling and concrete for flooring, all in close proximity to one another, or even combined within one room or business conference space. Walls may also include combined components like wood paneling, colourful or sedate tiling, patterned wallpaper and marble or granite insets.

• Wide Variety of Surface Textures and Finishes. – This year’s office designs will include interiors rich with an abundance of different textures and finishes to add luster, depth and character to office environments. For example, walls may be covered in heavily textured amber-beige-with-gold-fleck fabric wall covering while flooring is smooth, highly polished Red Oak. Furniture upholstery may be sleek, luxurious cocoa-coloured leather while carpet exhibits deep forest green, sunburst yellow and burnt orange hues with heavy pile and tufting.

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