Office Refurbishment Services in Melbourne: Ideas for Modern Offices

Blog |June 25th, 2018

After years of use, your office probably requires refurbishment to continue to serve you in a productive, profitable manner. If you think that you can ignore this fact, you are mistaken, and it will lead to serious issues when the appropriate action is not taken. Today, there are numerous effective ideas for fitouts for modern offices that range from an open workspace to adding greenery to the area for a touch of nature. We provide you with the following examples of our favourite ones to help you think about what your new office fitout should include.

Open Workspace Design

One ‘in’ trend today is for offices to have an open workspace design in place of partitioned workstations. You can still provide individual work areas for your employees when necessary with this idea, but you do not close them off from each other. If your employees need to collaborate on projects, though, you may install multi-person tables with chairs that allow for this action to happen smoothly and comfortably.

Sleek, Minimalist Furnishings

You should conserve space in your new office renovation by installing sleek, minimalist furnishings. Traditional furniture pieces, desks, storage units and more are usually ornate in nature and take up more floor space, while modern furnishings provide the same work area in a space-conserving fashion.

Glass Partitions in Place of Solid Walls

Another attractive and functional idea for your modern office is the installation of glass partitions instead of solid walls. Partitions of this nature help the office appear larger than it is and also allow you to keep an eye on what is going on in each room or area at a glance.

Equip Your Conference Room with the Latest in Technology

To ensure that you can communicate effectively with investors, clients or employees in your conference room, you should be certain to equip it with the most current technological advances. These advancements include such elements as:

• Interactive whiteboards
• OLED monitors and webcams for video conferencing
• Wireless internet connection
• Digital displays and signage

Add Plants to Include a Touch of Nature in the Office

Since employees spend so much of their time at work during the week, you should add of touch of nature to the office. The way to accomplish this is by displaying various plants throughout the office. Just ensure that they are meant to grow indoors and are low maintenance.

For further ideas for your modern office refurbishment, consult with Macwood Group. We specialise in office fitouts along with joinery, partition systems and shopfitting services.

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