Custom Joinery Services for Retail Shops: Customised Shelves and Display Stands Help in Visual Appeal

Blog |May 9th, 2018

Retail shops must pull out all the stops today to entice customers into shopping in person instead of sitting at home on their computers performing online shopping. They need to have quality products and deals, great customer service and even an eye-catching interior design. Install customised shelves and display stands to create this type of visual appeal inside your shop. Stock options of these elements always fall short of impressing the customers on the level that you require for your shop to become successful.

Custom Shelves Come in Any Size and Configuration

When you choose to custom order the shelves for your retail shop, professionals will make them the size that best suits your walls and products. Also, almost limitless possibilities exist for how you configure them in groupings that highlight your merchandise in a special way. Shoes, handbags, eyeglasses and candles are just some examples of the products that display well on wall shelves.

Display Stands Are Customisable to Fit Your Exact Specifications 

Various styles of display stands are other elements that you should have custom-built for your shop. Through doing so, you can ensure that it is not too large for your available floor space or too small for the products that you plan to highlight in or on them.

You Choose the Materials and Finishes

Other important decisions that you are able to make when you order customised shelves and display stands are the type of materials and finishes that they contain. You can select the ideal ones to complement the rest of your décor. Today, shelves come in wood, acrylic, glass, composite and other materials that all are easy to personalise to your shop’s needs. Whether you want stained, painted or natural finishes on the wood ones, all is possible.

Add Whichever Enhancements That You Desire

An additional benefit of customising these elements is that you can enhance them whichever that you desire. LED light strips will illuminate your products with just the right level of light to bring them out in an attractive, eye-catching fashion. Also, you may wish to add a trim colour on the shelves to accent them.

To receive high-quality customised shelves and display stands that contain custom joinery expertise, rely on Macwood Group. We are highly skilled in providing shopfitting services, including these elements. Also, we understand what is successful in catching the attention of customers in today’s extremely competitive retail industry. Upon request, we will meet with you and collect all pertinent information for us to issue you an accurate quote of our services.

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